Zero Cost PV & Energy Reduction Projects

When most businesses look to reduce their energy consumption and expenditure and want to convert to ‘green’ or renewable energy the stumbling point 99 times out of 100 is the cost.

This is where we have the solution.

We can now install Photo Voltaic Solar Panels free of charge. This will mean you can provide your business with green energy and reduce your energy expenditure.

However, most businesses also want to reduce their energy consumption, again, this can be very costly.

We also have a solution for this.

As the purchase of the electricity generated by the solar PV is a long term contract, we can also add into that contract the entire cost of any energy efficiency project you wish to implement.

This means you can reduce your energy expenditure by purchasing cheap, green electricity generated from the solar panels on your roof, and also reduce you energy consumption by installing energy reduction equipment, such as LED lighting, Burner Management Units etc, without any cost to your business.