Energy Procurement

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All businesses will need to procure gas or electricity or both. Finding the best possible energy contracts can be a very stressful and time consuming activity.

At GCI we can advise you on the best time of year to procure your energy, advise you when to take advantage of market conditions. Our experts will give you an accurate breakdown of all the costs, involved in your procurement. Fast analysis of quotations to speed up acceptance information and consumption details.Expert advice and on-going support. Monthly consumption and financial reporting.

Unique Procurement System

We are now using a new, and very unique system for energy procurement now which is only available to a few brokers. We can now procure energy by using a reverse auction method.

Effectively, as normal, energy providers bid for your energy contract, however, providers using this system can all see what each other bids,.

If a provider prices your supply high, they can see the quotes other providers have given, and requote at a lower price.

In ‘normal’ procurement all bids are blind and an energy provider only knows if they are the cheapest when a contract is requested.

The net result is that you get the best available prices as all the energy providers bid lower and lower to get your business.

The results we have had for procurement we have done using this system are excellent. Gas prices have increased approximately 40% since 2017 and electricity has increased around 15-20%.In every case we have improved on the rates our clients had previously using this new system.

In one particular case we managed to get gas and electricity prices cheaper than we managed to get for them 3 years ago!Even though gas prices have fluctuated and are a little cheaper now than 3 years ago, electricity prices have continued to increase.

What this means for the client is that they will have no increase in their energy expenditure for a total of 6 years (we have fixed their energy for a further 3 years).

If this is of interest, please sign the Letter of Authority below on headed paper and provide us with a copy of a recent gas and electricity bill for each meter you have and email it to us at and we will be look into procuring your energy for you, without any obligation.