Valve Wrap

It is often found that the majority of plant-rooms do not have their valves or fittings lagged due to their awkward shape. Those that have, tend to have used expensive rigid metal-clad insulation systems which are frequently found discarded on the floor of the plant-room after maintenance as they are difficult to re-fit. Valve Wrap on the other hand is flexible, robust and effective insulation that can cover fittings of any shape. 

Valve Wrap insulation prevents heat escaping at 80°C and produces a surface temperature of 25°C. The standard Valve Wrap is suitable for temperatures up to 200°C but can be adapted for temperatures up to 400°C. Each cover is designed and manufactured to the highest specification and conforms to BS 5422. 

Valve Wrap covers are: 

Oil and water resistant 



High resistance to mechanical wear 


The standard product will deal with all hot and cold systems within a conventional plant room where temperatures do not exceed 200°C. Special wraps can be assembled for specific industries and particular applications.